I was ready to cry today when Governor Whitmer said it was okay to now have gatherings of ten people or less in Michigan. I never thought I would cry over seeing a man reunite with his donkey, until now.

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Full disclosure, I laughed when I first thought about this story. My mind went straight to the gutter. Shame on me, and most likely you for thinking the same way. This is actually very sweet. After being in quarantine for 2 months, a man in Spain was reunited with his donkey. I do not understand spanish, but I can understand how happy he seems. As you will hear in the video above, the donkey is excited too. It is so sweet, I love it.

I think a lot of us will be emotional seeing friends and family for the first time this over the holiday weekend. I know not everyone has followed the social distancing and gathering rules, but for those that have - reuniting will be awesome.

I don't know of anyone around here who is crying over a donkey, but I do know there are a lot of people crying about not being able to get their hair done. I have seen it all over social media. People complaining that their hair is too long, or it needs to be colored. Here is a tip, wear a hat.

When you do reunite with your barber or stylist, film it. If you cry like this guy- I will put you up on the website too. Have a great holiday weekend, you are beautiful - with or without a fresh cut.

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