Kid Is Emotional Wreck After His Design Is Rejected
The world is a tough place. And apparently, nobody knows it better than this kid. He thought he had won an art contest, but had it ripped from his hands when suspected gang signs were found in the drawing. Watch his emotional, hilarious response here.
Man Scared To Tears By Puppies
I really don't have one irrational phobia, more just a general fear of dying.  But I get why some people are afraid of snakes, or heights, or spiders, or anything that can kill you.  I do not understand why someone would be afraid of puppies though.  Unless of course you were wor…
Death Metal Baby [VIDEO]
Personally, I have no idea how to shut a baby up.  That's why my girlfriend takes Plan B pills like they are Flintstone Vitamins.  But apparently, some babies are only calmed by metal.