It sounds like things got a little out of control over the weekend at the Michigan Renaissance Festival.

From what I understand, a man got upset that another guy was using profanity in front of his girlfriend's 7-year-old daughter. So, I guess he said something to him which set the other guy into a rage. According to NBC25, when the girlfriend tried to intervene, she was held by the neck and then shoved to the ground. Then this dirtbag pushed the woman’s daughter into a shallow ditch. Who in the hell does this?

When a deputy made his way over to the scene, the out of control man punched him and then took off running. The officer was able to get close enough to use his taser but he continued to fight until more deputies showed and finally brought him down and arrested him.

I'm assuming he was pretty sauced up but police believe he was under the influence of an unknown drug as well.

I've been to the Michigan Renaissance Festival many times but never have I witnessed something even close to this. People always seem to be so happy and having the best time. No matter where you are, there's always one douchebag there to ruin it for everyone.