Here's a wonderful story about the strong bond between a father and son from Tennessee.  Okay, so maybe there was a little sarcasm in that sentence.

According to WDIV, a 76-year old man had to have his leg amputated after he was run over by his son was trying to cut the grass. That sounds horrible, right? Like, why would a guy run over his father with a lawnmower? Well, because his father came after him and tried to kill him with a chainsaw. So the son was simply trying to defend himself.

After the old recovered from his June 28th injuries, he was charged with attempted second-degree murder and violating probation. He is being held in prison on a $25,000 bond.

Apparently, the father and son have had an ongoing feud and this was the final incident that pushed them over the edge.

I can't even come close to knowing what it would be like to have a father/son relationship like these two.


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