Witnesses are claiming a man with "some form of a disability" was unfairly ejected from a Michigan Coney Island.

Situations like this are always tough to make judgment calls on from simply watching a video. While this video is kind of lengthy, we don't really know what transpired at Gus' Coney Island in Mt. Clemens, Michigan before the camera was turned on. All we have to go by is what we can see and what the witnesses are saying.

Rather than speculate on what happened we'll let Missy Drook, who was there, tell her account. She paints a pretty vivid picture of what she says was happening, which you can read below:

"Today Jan 4, 2018 at 11:45am I was inside Gus's Coney Island in downtown Mt. Clemens having coffee. There was maybe 10 customers at best. When a man who was also eating his meal, not to far from me, occasionally made a loud noise (it was obvious he had some form of a disability) and let me point out that not one customer complained or seemed bothered by this man just sitting with his paid meal until he made a loud noise. Lisa, a manager, approached him angrly and with purpose. As she walked she was saying "thats it your outta here." She was the one that had a problem. It was clearly obvious she was annoyed by him. She approached telling him to shut up stop being loud, stated she was kicking him out, and that he had to leave. Thats when the dishwasher came out and the waitress Dawn came out and they all surround him. Lisa states to put his ice cream in a to-go container and you can hear he is upset because he had it in a bowl. He paid for it to eat inside and now they are packing him up. He is clearly confused. Lisa walks away after she starts the trouble and Dawn the waitress stays near to antagonize him. She is telling him to shut up and to leave when he stands to ask them to move the table. He was a large bodied man and needed help getting out of the space. The diswasher is seen talking to a customer saying "see him" right outloud in front of the man who is upset. Finally the customer leaves. I could hear Lisa the manager talking outloud for all to hear as she stood behind the counter a distance from my booth as she talked about the man who she states allegedly has breakfast there often then leaves to drink alcohol and then comes back for lunch and so on.

Ok, no, this is not ok EVER!!. What the staff at Gus' Coney Island did today to this paying customer was a violation of his civil rights and freedoms. I am appalled. It was clear he had some form of mental handicap. What if this was a mom with a loud toddler throwing a tantrum or a man with Autism and you've just surrounded him closing in. Woah. Do you throw them out too? What if he had a weapon and your staff put us all in danger because yeah, thats the world we live in.

I felt violated for him.

After he left the waitress Dawn approached my booth standing over me all to close proceeded to ask if I had it on video. "Hell yeah I do."

I'm thinkin if this goes south and something happens to me I want my family to know what happened.

"O no no no" she said you cannot video this because we do not want another viral video out there.

To late!

Thats when I made it clear to this lady, who had just harrassed a innocent man who was not bothering anyone, that I could video any time any thing I chose and she couldnt do a dang thing about it. That I was a customer just sitting in a booth over here not causing a problem and that she was not my waitress and had no business coming to me and for her to leave me alone and get the hell away from my table. I got loud when I said it.

Nobody kicked me out!

I complained to Lisa the Manager as I paid at register on my way out. I've come to Gus's since I was 9 yrs old. I grew up in Mt. Clemens. I was treated so badly today and how horribly I witnessed their staff treat this man today I will never come back again.

People should know its not the customers its Gus' staff that causes the issues and the owners should correct this problem immediately."

This is the second viral video of 2018 for the Mt. Clemens eatery, as they had already been on the receiving end of internet outrage for an incident detailed in the video below.

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