Looks like one of the largest suppliers of cigarettes in the world is thinking of getting out of the cigarette game.

Now before you go flying off the handle about this, let me say that I get it. Being a smoker, I understand that it is bad for my health but it is a choice I make for myself. If you are a non-smoker, I know you have your opinions too. This isn't meant to be a right or wrong debate, even though I am willing to bet that most people commenting right now (smokers and non) didn't even read this far into the article. They just commented based on the title of it.

For those of you still reading this, thank you, here is the rest of the story. Philip Morris, the owners of Marlboro, will begin to focus on IQOS, a device that heats tobacco instead of burning it. In doing so, they are hoping to drop the amount of bad chemicals by 95%. The CEO, Andre Calantzopulous, of Philip Morris had this to say.

At the end of the day, the ambition we have is to replace cigarettes as soon as possible, with better alternatives for people who continue smoking."

Whether you are mad or happy about this, I can appreciate their efforts to make a safer product, even if it means doing away with real cigarettes. And yes, I smoke Marlboros.

Source: The Hawk and Rare

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