We hope you don’t mind have a zillion subscriptions to different streaming services. That will soon be the case once Disney launches its own streaming platform next year, effectively wiping all movies in the Marvel Cinematic Universe from Netflix.

We’ve expected as much for a while now. Disney announced plans for their own streaming service last year, and we knew Marvel Studios’ contract with Netflix was set to expire in 2019. But there was also the possibility Marvel would renew that deal. As it turns out, it’s not happening. A new piece in The New York Times (h/t Nerdist) confirms the details about the future of MCU streaming. Ricky Strauss, the Disney exec overseeing the new streaming platform, told the Times that the studio is letting their Netflix licensing deal expire. So what does it mean exactly?

Well, all MCU movies, and all theatrical releases from Disney, will leave Netflix and head to the new streaming service. Captain Marvel, which hits theaters next March, will mark the beginning of the migration, and be the first new release from the studio to go to the new service instead of Netflix. That means you only have a few more months to watch MCU movies on Netflix. But before you consider canceling Netflix altogether, you’ll probably still be able to watch Marvel TV series there. A Disney rep told the Times that there are “no current plans” for Marvel TV shows to leave Netflix. But last we heard, there will be a new Marvel live-action series that you’ll only be able to watch on Disney's platform.

The new Disney service will be a big win for Star Wars fans especially. It will be the exclusive host multiple TV series set in the Star Wars universe, including the new Clone Wars and Jon Favreau’s live-action series, the latter of which the Times notes will come with a hefty budget: $100 million for 10 episodes. There will also be TV spinoffs of Monsters Inc. and Disney Channel’s High School Musical, and Spotlight‘s Tom McCarthy is working on a movie adaptation of the children’s book Timmy Failure for Disney as well. There’s no set date for DisneyFlix (or maybe it'll be DisneyPix? who knows) to launch, but it’s expected sometime next year. Better start saving up for yet another streaming subscription.

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