A fatberg is the accumulation of grease and any foreign objects besides just sewage that collects inside a city main line. Yes, there is actually something called a "fatberg."

According to WDIV, a fatberg about 100 feet long, 11 feet wide and 6 feet tall is currently clogging the Macomb County sewer system. The grease, fats, and oils combine with objects such as baby wipes to create a monster nasty clog.

To tackle something of this magnitude they have to do excavations and what they call hydro jetting. It takes a lot of people to resolve the issue which will cost into the millions for a project of this size.

The main reason Macomb County officials are talking about this publicly is because they want people to be more conscious about what goes down their drains.

Yesterday on the Free Beer and Hot Wings show listeners were calling in to talk about the crazy items they put down their drains. It seems people really don't care what they shove down the drain or flush in their toilets. I mean, I won't even pour grease down my drain even though it seems everyone else does.

Don't be a fatberg, keep your grease filled diapers out of our sewers.