It took forever for The Beatles to get on streaming services and there's still one major holdout, Tool, who seem to embrace the idea of "anything you can do, we can take longer." If you want to listen to Tool on the go, you better have that stuff saved to your phone (shoutout to anyone still rockin' that iPod) or computer. Whatever you do, just don't blame Maynard James Keenan for the delay.

With his vocals to Tool's new album completed long ago, he recently deferred blame as to what's taking the band so long to release their first album since 2006. A fan recently tweeted at the singer, begging him to "help keep Tool as relevant and accessible as it's always been," bemoaning the fact that his Tesla car doesn't have a phonograph. In other words, he wants to stream Tool.

"Squawking at the wrong tool," was Maynard's response. Never without his sarcastic sense of wit, he seemed to be pointing the blame at his bandmates.

Fans have been holding on to hope that when Tool's new record arrives, it will coincide with the band's catalog finally entering the streaming age. When it comes out, nobody knows. In late 2017, drummer Danny Carey told Loudwire the album would "definitely" be out in 2018, but the year came and went just like the 10-plus years before it — devoid of new Tool music.

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