Calling all pothole haters - I am quite sure that is everyone in Michigan. The Michigan Department of Transportation is counting on us to let them know where potholes are. This is going to be a very long list.

Last May I quit driving Bristol Road between Fenton Road and Center Road. It is the freaking worst. There are not necessarily deep potholes, but it is certainly a washboard. Does that count? If not - there are plenty of legit potholes that need to be covered.

According to ABC 12, the Michigan Department of Transportation only fills holes on roadways that start with 'M' (ex. M 24), 'I' (ex. I-69),  or U.S. (ex. US 23). As for any other problem potholes, please contact your county road commission.

If you do know of a pothole that MDOT needs to fix - you can report it here.

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