I have quit many things in my life, but this is a first. I am quitting Bristol Road in Burton. I should probably be more specific - I am quitting the stretch of Bristol Road from Fenton Road to Center Road. 

For 20 years I have driven 23 North to the Bristol Road and taken it all of the way to the radio station. From here on out, I will blaze a new trail to the Banana. The above stretch of Bristol is a complete joke. To call it a washboard is too kind. All of the years of wear and tear on my car, let alone my sanity. I cannot be the only one who thinks this section of Bristol Road is complete crap. Do you agree?

I feel like my road rage is due to the actual roads. I must be a glutton for punishment because this stretch has been terrible for years, yet I continued to drive it daily (and be pissed off daily). Not anymore. Tonight I will be taking a new way home. See ya Bristol - bye girl bye.

What road and or roads make you nuts to drive on?