You know that old sarcastic saying when someone messes up? The one that goes, "You had one job"? Well, someone had one job when it came to making a Grand Blanc street sign, and they messed up...big time.

Residents were thrilled to see the  Dort Highway extension from I-75 to Baldwin Road finally celebrate its Grand Opening on July 27th. After all, the project has been a long time coming. Construction started in 2020 with initial work from I-75 to Cook Road. Finally, Dort Highway, which was built in 1960, would be able to spread its wings so to speak and relieve some of the heavy traffic around Holly Road and Ascension Genesys Hospital.

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With a price tag of around $20 million, you would think that every little detail would be checked and re-check to assure perfection. Yeah, no. Someone decided to drop a vowel from a street name, and it's not ok.

It seems Pollock Road is now Pollack Road. Well, that's if you consider the sign on the newly opened Dort Hwy extension. Trust me, I had to do a double take as I was driving down the new extension, but it made me pull over and stop my car. I had to get out and look twice because there was no way someone made that kind of mistake...but they did. Someone switched out the "O" for an "A". Really?

So who's responsible for the big spelling blunder? According to a Genesee Road Commission source, the mistake falls right in the lap of a contracted company.  Oh, and as you're sitting there shaking your head and chuckling, let me help you laugh a little more, this isn't the first mistake this year. There's a brand new road sign at the entrance to I-96 in Coopersville that erroneously spells 'Grand Rapids' as 'Grand Radips.' That fell on MDOT.

There's no word yet on when the sign will be replaced with a corrected one. Just know that Pollock Road is alive and well in Grand Blanc Township, and has not been replaced with an imposter.

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