Meijer has announced that it is giving back to front line workers by donating masks.

In a press release on Monday, Meijer stated their goal of donating 750,000 KN95 masks to front line workers and first responders. To ensure that the masks get to those who need them faster, Meijer has teamed up with COVID-19 response teams and municipal health departments to help.

The Majority of the masks will be distributed to markets in Michigan and Ohio. Government agencies, hospitals, police departments including the Michigan State Police, and other first responders will be receiving the masks.

Meijer has also been able to help in other ways throughout the COVID-19 pandemic in Michigan as well. So far they have donated 2,000 vials each of insulin and albuterol and 20,000 N95 masks to the State of Michigan. Meijer has also supplied the City of Detroit with 1.75 million pairs of powdered vinyl gloves. To keep see what else Meijer has been doing, click here. 

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Most stores and places you go to nowadays either require or ask that you wear a mask or face covering inside. Many people have begun to make their own as they are pretty difficult to order anywhere at this point.

Maggie was able to get some sweet masks made for the Banana Crew not too long ago. She reached out to our friends at OC Tees for our custom Banana masks. They have a lot of great designs and can hook you up as well. They are also giving back as well. For every mask sold, one will be donated to a homeless shelter throughout Michigan. See the details here.  

Source: Meijer


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