You'll read the headline and be like, "Awnaw! Hell naw!" Until you see this obnoxious "patriot" in action, then you'll be like, "Yup."

It's hard to imagine how this guy thought chanting "English only. U-S-A!" in response to a teacher speaking Spanish would go. Maybe he thought everyone would join in on his brilliant display of free speech. More than likely, he thought the crowd would start a slow clap that would grow into a full-on standing ovation for this real American hero, which would then lead to him being crowd-surfed all the way to the front row of a Kid Rock concert where a bald eagle would land on his shoulder with a case of PBR in its clutches. Yeah, that's what I thought would happen too, but, sadly, no.

As it turns out, nobody jumped on Drunkle Terry's bandwagon of intolerance and he was promptly escorted out of the building. Thanks, Obama!

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