In a baller ass swipe at Budweiser's recent name change, Michigan's Saugatuck Brewing Company has unveiled branding for a new beer, which is called "'Murica." Their goal is simple -- "to make beer named after America great again." Shots fired.

When did your beer of choice turn into political statement on your patriotism? I remember when you could just crack open a Coors Light and not catch the side-eye from some super-patriot housing Americas across the bar. These days that might be considered an act of treason. Times are changing, friends.

Capitalizing on this strange time in beer, politics, and patriotism, Anheuser-Busch changed Bud Heavy's name to America earlier this week. Not to be outdone, Saugatuck Brewing Company took on "establishment brewing" by unveiling their own, more folksy patriotic brand called 'Murica. They're going hard on the rhetoric too. Just read the following description, which might -- and if I may quote Bird Law expert and milk-steak aficionado, the great Charlie Kelly -- cause you to "go America all over everybody's asses."

Fear not, America. We're here to make beer named after America great again.

We're very proud to introduce our brand new name and packaging, along with the assurance that all of our beer is brewed under the careful watch of 1,776 Bald Eagles. This ensures that every drop of our beer is as true and honest as our fore fathers before us. Unlike other "America" beers, our brewery is completely American owned.

What does it taste like, you ask? Freedom. It tastes like Freedom.

Drink American, drink Saugatuck Brewing Company.

Now if that doesn't give you a raging freedom boner -- nothing will. WARNING: If your freedom boner lasts more than four hours -- start watching soccer on television immediately... or just keep reading.

Sadly, the company posted a follow-up comment on their initial Facebook post saying that they're not actually making this beer:

We have had a good time with the whole thing, but it’s time to clear a few things up. This beer, ‘Murica, was and is a piece of satire meant to bring a few laughs, have a little fun and express a little creativity.

So, to clear the air and explain a few things:
- We do not intend on ever making this an actual beer.
- We do not have 1,776 Bald Eagles at the brewery (but how cool would that be?)
- We love America, we love all beer, we love to have a good time.

We hope you all got a good laugh out of it, we know we did. I can promise you that even though we are not creating a beer called ‘Murica, we do have a lot of really great beer that you should give a try. Though they might not all taste like freedom, they all certainly taste delicious.

Damn. I guess drinking 'Murica was a dream that was just too big. We dared to fly too near the sun on freedom wings made of feather and wax. Oh, well. 'Murica or no, we're still going America all over everybody's asses!

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