Metallica treated fan-club members to a number of surprises at the first of four shows commemorating their 30 year milestone, one of which was the premiere of the unreleased song 'Hate Train' -- check out the studio version of the track here.

Metallica is celebrating their 30 year anniversary with four intimate shows at The Fillmore in San Francisco. The first of which featured an obscure die-hard fan setlist, guest appearances from members of Diamond Head, Apocalyptica, and former bassist Jason Newsted, and the live premiere of an unreleased tune called 'Hate Train.'

After the live debut of the song, Metallica emailed a free download for the studio version of 'Hate Train' to members of the fan club. If you're not in the fan club, don't worry -- we've got your back. Here is the 'Death Magnetic' B-Side 'Hate Train.'

[via Antiquiet]