Are you the type of person who would rather 'lease' your wife for two years? If you are, you may want to move to Mexico City, Mexico -- they are proposing to change their marriage law to have the marriage license expire in two years. Mexico City is proposing this law due to the rise of divorce and the high cost that comes along with a divorce.

With this new law, couples would have the ability to 'test drive' marriage for two years and then they can decide if they want to renew their contract.

Also included in this license would be the splitting of property ownership and custody of any children involved with the family.

If the law passes you can consider you husband or wife a 'leased' for a couple of years, then trade him/her in for a newer model with fewer miles.

What do you think? Would you like to be able to 'test drive' a spouse for a couple years to see if you want to keep him or her?

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