Machine Gun Kelly performed at the Aftershock Festival over the weekend, receiving a mixed reception from the audience of thousands. One audience member threw a log at MGK as he sang from atop a tent, while others threw bottles, booed and flipped off the musician.

The venom aimed at MGK stems from a feud with Corey Taylor and Slipknot. In case you need a refresher on the situation, things got heated when Kelly threw shade at Slipknot during his performance at Riot Fest. He was reacting to an interview of Taylor’s filmed earlier in the year where the Slipknot vocalist criticized the authenticity of MGK’s move to pop punk. MGK kept it going on social media the next day as the news went viral, and said that Corey Taylor recorded a verse for his 2020 album Tickets to My Downfall, in which Kelly didn't use, and called Taylor "bitter" over it.

The Slipknot frontman then fired back at Kelly on Twitter, providing a couple of screenshots of an email exchange regarding what actually happened with the verse that he recorded. Taylor ultimately chose not to be featured on the song because Kelly had a couple of extra requests that Taylor didn't see himself fit for.

MGK was booed by a percentage of the audience at Louder Than Life, and some of the hate carried over to Aftershock last weekend. Fans at the front of the crowd showed love for MGK, but many at the back showed disdain for the musician.

“How the fuck you feelin’ Aftershock?” MGK said at the beginning of his set. “Mixed opinions. I love you so much. This morning I was like, ‘Do we get on the plane and go to this?’ I was sitting there thinking about the last festival we did where this 10-year-old got her poster ripped up just for liking me. I’m doing this show for her and everyone who came to see us.”

Machine Gun Kelly "Tickets To My Downfall" Live @ Aftershock — Oct. 9, 2021

MGK Salutes His REAL Fans @ Aftershock — Oct. 9, 2021

After being pelted with a couple of bottles, liquids, branches and a tree log while singing “Nothing Inside,” MGK exchanged middle fingers with some guys at the back while performing on top of a tent. For the remainder of the gig, MGK continued to show love to his fans while lightly combatting with haters.

Machine Gun Kelly, Live at Aftershock — Oct. 9, 2021

Machine Gun Kelly, "Nothing Inside" Live @ Aftershock — Oct. 9, 2021

Tension thankfully didn’t escalate to the levels of Louder Than Life, where MGK was pushed by an audience member, who in response was punched by MGK.

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