Sibus is a band from central Michigan that was founded in 2015.

While the band may be unfamiliar to some in the Flint area, many will recognize a special guest appearance by Arianna Smith who does vocals for their version "Lose You To Love Me" by Selena Gomez. Smith is best known for the time she spent singing for the band Frame 42 before leaving in 2022.

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According to the band, the name ‘Sibus’ stands for “starting over” in Latin and is named after the belief that all of Sibus holds dear to their heart. “Don’t give up on yourself. Start over if you must but never give up.”

There are 5 Members in the band. Cooper Hewitt (Lead Vocals/Lead Guitar), Lisa Halladay (Lead-Harmony Vocals), Ryan Houck (Scream Vocals/Rhythm Guitar), Aaron Rickle (Bassist), and the band's former drummer Kevin Packard who's sitting in for now.

Sibus YouTube
Sibus YouTube

Many of Sibus’s songs are written about everyday struggles and challenges that we face in life. They transmute negative experiences into something positive and relatable with lyrics that hit close to home. The band's goal is to show support to members of society with mental illness, PTSD, or anyone who can generally relate. They want people to know that they aren’t alone. That they can always reach out and that they aren’t the only people who feel the things that they do.

As mentioned, Sibus recently teamed up with singer “Arianna Smith” to record a rock cover and music video for the pop hit, “Lose You To Love Me” by Selena Gomez. Believing so strongly in mental health, they felt this was the perfect song for them to spin in their own way. The song reflects emotions of loss but also growth and overcoming obstacles even though they might seem to be difficult. Sometimes, you have to lose that thing, whatever it may be, for the sake of your own mental health.

Sibus YouTube
Sibus YouTube

Sibus has a new single ready to go that will be released in the coming weeks. All of their current music can be found on most streaming services.

For more on the band, check out their website.

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