Glen Lake Community Schools have upgraded their security systems in the schools and added gunshot sensors and alert stations.

In this increasingly terrifying day in age, some schools in Leelanau County are taking precautions to better handle an active shooter situation. As student safety is a top priority, the schools in Glen Lake Community Schools have new features to protect students including new alert stations. The alert stations look and work much like fire alarms and when the handle is pulled, alarms go off and the police are alerted.

Administrators have also had gunshot sensors installed. These sensors recognize the sound of gunshots and sound an alarm if triggered. It's not always easy to recognize the sound of a gunshot if you are not familiar with them, so these sensors, in my opinion, are a great idea.

The next step in the new security system is to conduct emergency drills with the new alerts and sensors and teach the students how they are used.

Source: WNEM 

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