Thanks to resident voters, Swartz Creek schools will get a massive security upgrade. I'm talking $48 million in improvements including new security cameras, digital locking systems and barricade devices just to name a few.

According to ABC12, voters approved the bond Tuesday that will be used to improve security and upgrade facilities in all Swartz Creek Community Schools.

When I first heard $48 million, I was like that seems like a lot of money just for security upgrades. I'm sure the upgrades are costly but $48 million is a serious amount of loot. It's good to know that their first task at hand will be to make sure the money is being spent in the way it was intended.

It's great to see the community and school take the proper steps needed to protect students. I hope this becomes a trend and we see more communities following suit.

Apparently, this is the first bond voters have approved for Swartz Creek Schools since 1970. That seems insane to me.

The project will get underway in the spring of 2019.

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