If you are heading out anywhere in Michigan this week, but sure that you are not driving crazy.

The Michigan State Police are cracking down on drivers this week with "Operation Safe Driver Week." Troopers started yesterday on the week-long mission to stop bad drivers. Michigan State Police patrols will be giving special attention to aggressive, distracted, and unsafe driving on the roadways.

The Michigan State Police Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Division, or CVED, will be increasing enforcement of traffic laws aimed at not only commercial motor vehicles, but also passenger-vehicles. The entire week is actually sponsored by the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance, along with government, industry, and safety organizations.

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The state of Michigan has been seeing an increase in the number of speeding violations in the last several months. The coronavirus pandemic has caused the roadways to have less traffic. When there is less traffic on the road, it makes it a lot easier for some drivers to ignore the laws, including speeding.

As I have been on the roads since the beginning of the pandemic, I can definitely tell you that I have seen a rise in speeding as well. When this all first started, driving home from work was a very weird sight to see. Not many people were on the road at all, and the ones that were were flying! I won't lie, I caught myself driving faster than I normally would have as well. There is just something about an empty road that makes your foot get heavier.

So, as "Operation Safe Driver Week" continues, be mindful of how you are driving as they are actively watching for dumb drivers this week. Rule of thumb for driving any day of the year is, don't be a jerk and follow the laws.


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