Throwing out a corn pile so you can see deer is no longer legal in Michigan's Lower Peninsula.

According to the Detroit Free Press, state regulators are continuing a ban on baiting and feeding deer in Michigan’s Lower Peninsula in an effort to prevent the spread of chronic wasting disease.

You'll still be able to bait and feed in the Upper Peninsula for the most part. The exception would be portions of Delta, Dickinson and Menominee counties where some infected deer were found last year.

Apparently, there's another new rule which involves using scents to attract deer. You can only use deer scents where the deer cannot touch or eat them

I'm totally clueless when it comes to hunting, it's never been an interest for me. I don't have a problem with it whatsoever, it's just never been part of my world. Although I do love it when my hunting buddies hook me up with venison jerky, that part is definitely my world.

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