SuperFandrea is back, with a band that's blown her mind over the past couple years, and you definitely need to check them out. Tripp 'N' Dixie has a unique, old-school inspired sound that can make you want to dance, make love and go to sleep with a smile on your face - in no particular order! 

Andrea Love Banana 101.5 - Tripp 'N Dixie at Corner Bar & Grill in Fenton.
Andrea Love Banana 101.5 - Tripp 'N Dixie at Corner Bar & Grill in Fenton.

This band has been around ever since I began at The Machine Shop in 2009. I was so young, and just figuring everything and everyone out back then, so I had no clue that a few years later I would become a super fan! I just distinctly remember the fans of theirs that came to the shows were very super awesome people themselves. TnD always brought a respectful crowd of people that came to thoroughly enjoy the music, support the fellas, and rock their band shirts. That's first and foremost a good indication of what I can expect from a band. I listened, and I liked them. I thought their sound was different and cool, and always fresh and fun. I had seen them perform a few times and developed the idea that whenever Tripp 'N' Dixie was added to the bill, it would probably be a good night.

Fast forward a few years to when I REALLY rediscovered the band. By now, I've been around long enough to know what to expect most often from our shows, and I just have a better overall grasp on the live music scene in general. I've seen hundreds of bands live, in many different venues, and let's be honest here - there are some bands that plain out suck live. There are some that are 50/50's, that put on good shows sometimes, but it's not a guarantee. The thing I started to notice about this group of guys from the Pontiac area is that they always bring it. I began paying more attention to their sets. Then one night they just hooked me, and I decided that Tripp 'N' Dixie has officially been added to my list of favorite bands - not just favorite local bands, but favorite bands.

'Ten Year Funk' Live in Detroit

Most noticeably, their sound is huge. Like, I understand there are amplifiers and speakers and such, but when I say huge I guess I really mean full and smooth, effortless and evenly distributed! According to the bands ReverbNation page,

"Tripp 'N Dixie is an American rock band originating from the heart of Pontiac Michigan. Showcasing soulful vocals, fierce dueling guitars alongside eclectic keyboards and backed up by a thunderous drums and bass section, creates a massive sonic "wall" of sound that is unlike anything else. A truly distinctive tone and boastful versatility of style makes Tripp 'N Dixie a quintessential band of modern rock." 

I would agree 100 percent with that description. One night I went to a show on my night off, sat at a table in the middle of the room by myself and told everyone I know to leave me the hell alone for a few minutes so I can just sit and enjoy!  After the show, I made sure to catch up with front man, Rozz, just to say that I fully believe they belong in a stadium somewhere.

Their music reminds me of a musical cupcake flavored with Bad Company, Chris Cornell, Led Zeppelin, Taddy Porter, The Allman Brothers Band & Buckcherry...frosted with The Black Crowes flavored icing and James Brown "soul sprinkles" on top!  Even the first graders in Istanbul, Turkey are smart enough to know that Tripp 'N' Dixie makes stellar dance music!

TnD is again, from the Pontiac Michigan area. The band consists of two guitarists, Adam and Mike, who compliment each other fabulously and I think that's part of why the sound is so full. Then there's Brian on bass, providing deep, smooth, and funky grooves...perfect for booty shaking. It's not the most often we get lucky and get keyboards in our live shows, and Conner not only brings the keys, but clearly has a blast doing so! Scott is one of those drummers that I enjoy watching because the rhythm comes naturally and it's obvious. It doesn't seem like he's concentrating or counting or anything, just jamming and doing what he was put here to do. Then there's Rozz, the singer who also rocks the harmonica and let me tell you...his voice is ALWAYS on point. He puts me in the mindset of Robert Plant and I believe his voice comes from his soul - not his body. I couldn't hit any of his notes if my life depended on it!

Insomnia is hands down my favorite song by this band.

This band plays at The Machine Shop often, and other venues in our area. If you see their name at a venue near you, do yourself and your ear holes a favor and swing by. I hope they do well tomorrow night (June 1st) as they will be participating in a contest at Hard Rock Cafe Detroit for a chance to win $50,000 and a performance in Ibiza, Spain!

Dear Tripp 'N' Dixie,

I am a super fan.


SuperFandrea Love

Stay tuned for more Adventures of SuperFandrea! Check out the last adventure with Sons Of Texas here! I'm still working on a theme song and a cape.

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