It's not okay to be a CREEPY super fan, but it is just fine to be a super fan of things that are plain amazing. With that being said, I am starting a new segment here about my adventures in being a super fan. The first featured artist is one of my absolute favorite new bands Sons Of Texas!


I first encountered Sons of Texas during their first show The Machine Shop last July and I remember thinking "Wow, who the hell are these dudes, they're so explosive!". So, I bought their disc and gave it a listen that night. I had been drinking, and you know everything seems way better after throwing a few back, so I made sure to listen to it the next morning just to make sure my drunken ears weren't playing tricks on me again (that's happened a few times before). The next morning, I fell in love with it even more!

The album is called 'Baptized In The Rio Grande' and as the album name and the band name suggests, these five fellas are from The Lonestar State. The title track of the album was their first single, and you can check out the music video for it below. There's a southern rock - kind of bluesy metal feel to the record which is something I feel like we don't get to hear much in modern rock. I welcomed it with open ears as I listened on. One thing that is obvious right away is that this band could easily be put in a category of sounds similar to that of Pantera (they sometimes even cover one of my favorite Pantera tunes 'I'm Broken' quite fabulously). Songs like 'Never Bury The Hatchet', 'Nothing King', and 'Drag The Blade' which are more upbeat definitely put me in that mind frame, however they have their own distinctive vibe and it's fresh and different.

Then there are the ballads. I can't tell you how much I enjoy a heavier band that can soften up to reach another level of my being. 'Breathing Through My Wounds' and 'September' are the songs on the album that give me goosebumps and smiles. They're both wonderfully composed and performed and frontman Mark Morales shows how beautiful his voice really is.

My absolute favorite song on the album is 'The Vestryman'. I've seriously listened to that song a few hundred times and I'm still not tired of it. It's a good song to dance to, and I was blown away hearing them perform it live in the studio with me! I had a chance to interview the fellas and they played a couple tunes live on the air, and to hear songs that are originally recorded so heavy, get "stripped down and sexy" as Morales said, was just so super cool to me. They also played their new single 'Blameshift' that day too, and again... hearing the song below, in acoustic form, is just mind blowing.

Sons Of Texas is Mark Morales on vocals, Mike Villarreal on drums, his brother Nick Villarreal staying groovy on bass and Jon Olivares and Jes De Hoyos on the gee-tars. They are awesome performers, even better humans and one of many bands who love The Machine Shop. They even like the way our soap smells. Weird? Maybe, but we'll take it!



That's all you get... Sorry, I'm such a tease. I promise you they did a great job though. So, the next time you see that this band is coming back to The Machine Shop make sure you have your ass there and ready to get down! Also, make sure you stay tuned to this website, because this is just the beginning for...


(I need a theme song...and a cape!)

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