With nearly two weeks to go until Labor Day weekend, Michigan state law enforcement are ramping up patrols in an effort to nab those drunkards on an end of the summer bender.

The campaign is called “Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over,” and it set to run through Labor Day. The goal is to significantly reduce the 354 deaths the state saw last year as the result of intoxicated motorists. “That’s the number that I think we should really think about because those people died for absolutely no reason,” Michigan State Police Lieutenant Michael Shaw told CBS News. “It could have been prevented just by somebody not going behind the wheel when they’ve been drinking.”

“Those people would be walking on Earth today if somebody would have made a better choice as far as drunk driving goes,” Shaw continued. “The fines and the costs and everything should be in the back of your head, but 354 families now have lost a loved one because somebody didn’t take the time to say ‘hey, I can’t drive, get a designated driver.'”

We here at the Banana agree: Do not drink and drive. In addition to the possibility of hurting or killing someone, there are also numerous other repercussions that could put a wrench in your life. This is because the average DUI costs an offender around $10,000 before he or she is completely out of the system…and that is if you just get caught driving drunk, not if you cause an accident that costs someone injury or death – then you’re talking prison.

If you are going to drink – plan to stay at the party until you can sober up, or line up a designated driver or call a taxi-cab. Anything is cheaper and less of a detriment to your well-being than having an unsavory run in with the local police.

Also...know your rights. If you do not, click here to receive a crash course.

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