A Dearborn, Michigan dad is demanding answers after his daughter bit into a pastry purchased at a Kroger store (specific location not reported), and inside of the dessert was a sharp needle.

According to reports, Ricardo Ruel contacted the store right away, and filed an incident report. Ruel said Kroger told him the pastry comes into the store frozen, and then baked at the store, and repackaged. As you can imagine, Mr. Ruel wants to find out if this was done intentionally. He has hired a lawyer.

As for his little girl, she will be undergoing tests to make sure she is okay. Ugh. I would totally freak if this happened to me. I certainly hope this was not done intentionally. We will keep you posted as to how this issue is resolved. My guess, Kroger pays the family before it even goes to court. We shall see.

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