It was almost an extremely laid back Easter for a young Michigan student. That is because authorities in Roseville say a pre-schooler found a Xanaz inside a plastic egg during a school Easter egg hunt.

According to reports, police were called out to Huron Park Elementary School last week when a 4-year-old girl discovered a single pill of Alprazolam, the generic form of Xanax, in one of her eggs. Luckily, her mother was standing nearby when she popped open the egg.

“The little girl was opening the eggs and the pill just fell out onto the floor,” said Deputy Chief Donald Glandon, who added that this is the only incident he is aware of involving anxiety medications being put in plastic Easter eggs.

Authorities say they are still investigating what they believe to be an “intentional and criminal” act. What is known, however, is that the eggs were all brought to school by the students and were taped shut.

Sounds to us as though someone's mommy has been hitting the old prescription a bit too hard. We believe police will find the culprit when reports surface of a suburban soccer mom finding a jelly bean in her Xanax bottle.