Graduation Open House season in Michigan has begun.

As another year of high school comes to a close, the graduating class of 2023 is super active right now. From graduation ceremonies to the celebratory open houses, these kids are completing the final tasks of their high school journey.

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Of those final tasks, the graduation open house is one of the more rewarding ones for graduates. For those that are unfamiliar and don't know what a graduation open house is, it is simply a party thrown for the graduate. Friends and family are invited to come to celebrate with the student, eat food, and give them money. That is an open house in a nutshell.

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For those that attend graduation open houses frequently, you will be able to picture every type of person on the list below. Honestly, I would be amazed if you haven't seen them all at least once. For the most part, almost every open house is the same as the others. You'll see the big white circus tent, pictures of the graduate, one porta-potty, a cheese platter and some potato salad on a card table in the sun, etc...

Quick fun fact before we jump into this list. Around 3,369,380 kids graduated high school this year. I wanted to share this stat because I use it in every graduation card that I give. "Congrats. You just accomplished what 3,369,380 other kids did across the nation. Stay humble." I don't know why writing that in their card brings me joy, but it does. Don't judge me.

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