This seems like something straight out of the Banana 101.5 Bad Golfers League. Over the weekend, Concord High School student, Isaac Couling, was attacked by a goose while teeing off. 

During a competition on Sunday, Couling was teeing off on the seventh hole at Wolf Creek Golf Course. Unfortunately for Couling, there was a goose nest near the tee box and the owner of that nest was a little unhappy with how close the golfers were. The goose then attacked Couling.

Thankfully, the high school student was not harmed by the bird. He even went on to shot par on the hole. Thanks to Blissfield Athletics photographer, Devon Pitts, being at the right place at the right time we have pictures of the attack.

I'm very surprised this hasn't happened to me at the Bad Golfers League. My terrible shots always end up near the water where all the geese hang out.

Source: Detroit News


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