A Michigan lawmaker is fed up with teenagers who are more familiar with Taylor Swift than George Washington. This is why he plans to introduce a piece of legislation in the upcoming session that will make it mandatory for high school students to pass the same civics exam as immigrants wanting to become citizens of the United States.

Republican Representative Peter Lucido’s latest proposal would force the State Board of Education to include this civics test as part of the curriculum before high school seniors would be allowed to graduate. “We require immigrants to have a basic understanding and appreciation for American civics,” Lucido said in a press release. “Why should the threshold be any different for citizens who are lucky enough to be born in the United States?”

If this bill passes, Michigan students would begin taking the civics exam in the 2016-17 school year. Yet, there are some concerns that too much is already expected from teenagers in regard to regular testing, and the added stress of understanding American civics could prevent many from receiving a diploma.

The bill is expected to be introduced sometime this week.

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