School is back in session...sort of.

It looks like high schoolers can finally get back into the classroom for in-person learning. Technically they were allowed back on December 21st due to Michigan’s revised COVID-19 order but most schools were just diving into the holiday break so it was kind of pointless.

According to Fox 17, high schools have been virtual since Nov. 18 following a spike in COVID-19 cases statewide. It was part of a three-week pause that was later extended.

My kid hasn't stepped foot in Grand Blanc High School this year because they never had in-person learning at all in 2020. From what I understand, Grand Blanc high schoolers won't be returning to the classroom until January 26th when they start their 2nd semester.

Not being able to attend school has had a crippling effect on students with my son included. He's the kind of kid that needs to be in the classroom learning not from home. For some kids, there's hasn't been an issue but my son's grades have gone downhill compared to year's past. They really have to get these kids back in school.

I'm just worried that they'll get these kids back in school only to yank them back out in a month when numbers aren't going down to their liking. I hope that's not the case but at this point, who the hell knows.

When it comes to Colleges and universities, they will have to wait until January 19th before they can return.

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