It doesn't matter if you're a Spartan or Wolverine, Yooper or Troll, Team Rock or Team Seger, if you live in Michigan, odds are you're fat and getting fatter.  Check out the details on how Michigan is becoming the Muffin Top Mitten.


All you have to do is go to an all you can eat buffet to see the raising obesity rate in Michigan.  With a fast food joint on every corner, the Great Lakes State is becoming the Ate Cake State, and a recent study from the Center for Disease Control confirms it.  When it comes to obesity rates, Michigan is at the bottom of the country.

Genesee County is the 2nd fattest in the state, sitting at a 36% obesity rate, right behind Saginaw's 40% rate.  36% seems like a lot, but you have to remember, that's not factoring in people who are just overweight, it's just people who are obese.  That's a staggering rate and a key contributor to many of the health problems that Michiganders face. The state as a whole faces an obesity rate of 31.6%.

I'm no nutritionist or doctor, but you know what's always worked for me with weight loss and maybe more importantly, general fitness?  Get up and move and watch what you eat.  It's really as simple as that.  Most people who follow diets and do eXreme infomercial workouts are doomed to fail, because they try to change too radically.  If you think you're going to stick to a diet of grilled eggplant and kale or workout 2 hours a day for the next 75 days, you're joking yourself and being unrealistic with your capabilities .  If make the decision to be more physically active and more mindful of what you're shoving down your pie-hole, you're going to lose weight.  If it's not enough weight for you, you're not doing it strictly enough.

Source: ABC12

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