Genesee County

10 Water Main Breaks Happened Across Flint Recently
Flint is no stranger to water issues, but if you've been driving around lately and seeing water spewing out of the gutter, well that wasn't the only spot.
Luckily no boil water advisory was issued and it looks like it was just a water pressure issue that local engineers were able to eventua…
What Do You Think Genesee County Is Lacking?
Everyone has an opinion, and I want to hear yours. I think Genesee County has a lot to offer in terms of entertainment, dining, culture, but perhaps you do not.
If you could bring something to Genesee County, what would it be? My ...
Recycling Comes To A Halt In Most Genesee County Areas
The recycling company known as Emterra has halted picking up recycled goods from Genesee county due to Covid-19 related staffing shortages.
One other county will still be on the list for pick up, Grand Blanc. But they've been reduced down to just one truck, and sources say, that could take multi…

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