The great state of Michigan is the safest in the nation when it comes to...

Living in Michigan has its perks. Residents get to experience all four seasons to the fullest. The state covers all the bases for all who love the outdoors with its lakes, forests, and more. It has it all and it is also the safest when it comes to crazy weather.

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According to both WorldAtlas and World Population Review, Michigan is the safest state in the United States of America when it comes to natural disasters.

Michigan is a state in the mid-western region of the United States. Data from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and other sources show that Michigan, whose largest city is Detroit and is bordered by four of the Great Lakes, is ranked as one of the safest states in the US as it is shielded from natural catastrophes. In Michigan, the risk of hurricanes, tornadoes, or earthquakes is minimal. Even though the past has seen Michigan experiencing a few earthquakes and tornadoes, they were not as severe as other parts of the US...WorldAtlas

Sure, Michigan does have tornadoes and blizzards, but those aren't as bad as they can be in other parts of the country. I suppose we should all stop complaining about the weather and just be happy that we don't have to deal with earthquakes, hurricanes, and other craziness.

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The other states that accompany Michigan and round out the Top 10 Safest Stats from Natural Disasters are:

  • Minnesota - #2
  • Illinois - #3
  • Vermont - #4
  • Ohio - #5
  • Colorado - #6
  • Maryland - #7
  • Maine - #8
  • New Hampshire - #9
  • Montana - #10

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Source: WorldAtlas and World Population Review

Seven Michigan Towns on 'America's Safest Cities' List

There are a lot of advantages to living in a small town. Ofthen, they're close-knit communitites where everyone seems to know just about everyone and they often boast of low crime rates.

Seven Michigan Townships made the list of 'America's Top 100 Safest Cities' and we're proud to say that two of them are right here in the immediate area.

The information was compiled by SafeWise, using the latest FBI crime data on violent crimes and property crimes.

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Some of the communities that made it into our ranking of the 25 safest places to live in Michigan may surprise you. Sure, there's arguably less crime in smaller, rural communities but several of the cities or townships that make the list have a population of 10,000 people or more.

And there are a few that are right in our own backyard.

SafeWise used the most recent FBI crime report statistics and census population data to determine the ranking of each location based on the number of violent crimes and property crimes.

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