Michigan lawmakers claim there is no room in their neck of the woods for Tesla Motors, and have since filed legislation that would make it illegal for the company to set up retail operations in the state.

House Bill 5606, which serves as a sketchy measure of prohibition against the Texas-based motor company from doing business in Michigan, is now sitting on the desk of Governor Rick Snyder awaiting his approval. The governor has until Tuesday, October 21 to make a decision, which Tesla officials hope will end in a veto.

Tesla released a statement earlier last week that said, the bill was originally “a single amendment to existing law designed to ensure that the car dealers can tack additional fees on to the purchase price for all vehicles (from any manufacturer) sold in Michigan.”

Yet, “using a procedure that prevented legislators and the public at large from knowing what was happening or allowing debate, Senator Joe Hune added new language in an attempt to lock Tesla out of the State. Unsurprisingly, Senator Hune counts the Michigan Automobile Dealers Association as one of his top financial contributors, and his wife’s firm lobbies for the dealers.”

In addition, “This amendment goes even further. It also seeks to prevent Tesla from operating a gallery in Michigan that simply provides information without conducting sales. We could even be barred from telling people about our car.”

Ultimately, Tesla Motors would bring jobs to Michigan, which would certainly be good for the economy. It seems this measure is more about protecting political interest than it is about providing opportunities for the Michigan worker.