In an attempt to prevent Michigan prisoners from getting their hands on marijuana, one state lawmaker has submitted a bill aimed at banning drones from flying within proximity to Michigan’s state and private prisons.

Senator Darwin Booher’s proposal would make it illegal to fly “an unmanned vehicle or device that uses aerodynamic forces to achieve flight and is piloted remotely" within 1,000 feet of a prison. Anyone caught in violation would be charged with a felony and forced to cough up around $2,000 in fines.

All of the noise over this issue is due to a number of reports that have surfaced in recent months showing that drones are being used to fly contraband into correctional facilities.

Strangely, it almost seems that drones were created to transport weed. There is even a company out West that, contingent on federal legalization (and FCC approval), wants to use drones to deliver marijuana to customers in legal states.

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