Snyder Nixes Goofy Car Law
This is great news and really long overdue. Michigan drivers will now be allowed to leave their vehicles running and unattended if on private property, thanks to new legislation signed by Gov. Rick Snyder.
MI Prisons: No Fly Zone
In an attempt to prevent Michigan prisoners from getting their hands on marijuana, one state lawmaker has submitted a bill aimed at banning drones from flying within proximity to Michigan’s state and private prisons. Senator Darwin Booher’s proposal would make it illegal to fly “an unmanned vehicle or device that uses aerodynamic forces to achieve flight and is piloted remotely" within 1,000
Michigan Relaxes Fireworks Laws
This Fourth of July is going to be more explosive than ever. No more driving to Ohio and Indiana to buy the fireworks necessary for a grand finale at home. You'll finally be able to buy them in Michigan.
Michiganders Rally to Promote ‘Constitutional Carry’ Laws
Armed and vocal protesters converged on the state capitol this past Saturday, in effort to make Michigan the nation's fifth 'Constitutional Carry' state. The group wants all Michiganders to be legally allowed to carry with out needing a license, and repealing laws banning guns in certain places.