The Village of Holly, MI has approximately 6,000 residents as of the 2020 census.

Did you know those folks pay village taxes and Holly Township taxes?

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That's how it works when you're a village inside of a township, in Michigan.

Credit: Google Street View
The historic Holly Hotel, Holly, MI. Credit: Google Street View

Some might see this as the biggest reason to make Holly a city: save money on taxes.

How much does the Village of Holly pay in taxes for services?

According to Holly Township's government website, they pay a little more. Here's the breakdown.

Holly Township levies a tax rate of 1 mil for general operating expenses (MCL 211.211). Holly Township has been able to operate on that one mil since the mid 1930’s.

As for village residents, they pay more for extra services.

Village residents pay an additional tax levy of (13.5244 mils) to the Village of Holly for providing extra services beyond those of the Township, including their own Public Works, Fire and Police Departments.

The Township provides election services, fall and spring cleanup, assessing and gravel road chloride from the township for the 1 mil assessed.

What would Holly need to do if it voted to become a city?

Village of Holly Council President Ryan Delaney told ABC 12 they would need to stand up elections and assessments.

Holly Municipal Offices. Credit Google Street View
Holly Municipal Offices. Credit Google Street View

He implies residents of a future "City of Holly" would pay less than they are now based on separating from the Township.

Are there other benefits to Holly becoming a city?

Delaney went on to say there would be greater autonomy in policy since Holly would be separated from Holly Township.

Additional government funding would become available, too.

Village of Holly and Holly Township boundary maps.

The village is just over three-square miles in area.

Village of Holly, MI Boundary Map Credit: Google Maps
Village of Holly, MI Boundary Map Credit: Google Maps

The Village has around 6,000 residents. While the Township, including those 6,000, has approximately 12,000 as of 2020 census.

Holly Township government has over 36 square miles to maintain and serve.

Holly Township boundary map. Credit Google Maps
Holly Township boundary map. Credit Google Maps

At this point, Holly Township hasn't said what impact, if any, the population change would have on government services.

Residents voted on cityhood twice before.

The last time residents voted on Holly becoming a city, it failed. That was 2002. It failed 12 years prior (1988), too.

Holly Village Limits Credit: Google Street View
Holly Village Limits Credit: Google Street View

Delaney says there will be an exploratory committee formed in January with hopes of getting it on the November 2024 ballot.

If you feel strongly, one way or the other, about this... remember to get involved.

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Ask questions. Will everything be paid for and truly save your family money on taxes? Or will the new city come back asking for more soon after incorporating?

Reach out to your local elected officials, attend meetings and communicate with your neighbors to make the most informed decision possible.

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