Time to help Grandma hook her Life Alert up to the WiFi, as a new piece of Michigan legislation will likely bring the era of landline phone service and dial-up internet to an end.

Bill 636 has already moved through both the House and Senate and, after some fine tuning, will likely be headed for Governor Snyder's desk for approval soon. The bill will give service providers the option of discontinuing landline phone service, which also means discontinuation of dail-up internet.

Ending these services will likely save providers a ton of money in maintenance of old technology, so you know they're going to give it the axe ASAP. When that eventually does happen, landline users will be given a 90-day heads up. This could be a good thing though. The move will free up capital to invest in modern day tech and will also allow providers to expand broadband availability.

Law Enforcement Agencies are concerned that some may not have the ease of access to emergency services that they did with landlines. The AARP is also against the bill, basically because their business is to represent old people. When was the last time you remember a large group of older Americans embracing any kind of change? We still can't get pennies out of circulation and those damn things have been useless for a decade.

The clock has been ticking on landlines ever since having a cell phone became commonplace. AT&T says that the number of landlines in Michigan has dropped from 6.7 million in 2000 to 2.6 million in 2012. It's time to put down the rotary phone and AOL Disc and come join us in the 21st century, old folks. Snapchat me.

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