If you've ever accompanied your Grandma to a bingo game as a child one of the first lessons you learned is don’t disrupt grandma, her concentration, or the game. Apparently this rule doesn't apply to Avon sale folk. Or does it?

Police in Portsmouth New Hampshire responded to a call after receiving a report of some pushing and shoving during a Bingo game at a senior center. The “Bingo Brawl” seems to be the result of one of the regulars of this bingo outing who took issue when another woman set up a table to sell Avon products, claiming that the selling of the products was disrupting the game; After police broke up the scuffle only to be called back a couple hours later because one of the women wanted to press chargers.  No formal chargers have been pressed as of yet, and police can’t confirm if any chargers can be pressed or if any assault  occurred. The moral, don’t mess with Grandma or her Bingo game because she will throw-down.

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