Although it is not that unusual in Michigan to hear about someone getting carjacked, it is when said jacking involves an Amish family.

According to reports, some young punk from Gladwin thought it was a good idea to rob an Amish family earlier this summer while they were in their horse and buggy. The dumb bastard did not actually hijack the family’s wheels and hooves, but rumor has it that he did manage to make off with some cash, a couple of hammers and a damn nice straw hat.

Police have since charged 20-year-old Doyle Robert Dell with armed robbery, which means in a few short months, inmates from a Michigan prison will be riding him like a horse. Now, that’s karma.

Perhaps instead of putting this hoodlum in prison, a judge should sentence him to several years of hard labor with the Amish. But then again, prison rape is good discipline, too.