Saturday night near Marquette, Michigan, a man captured what is being called a "ghost ship" on camera. Could it be the ghost of Michigan's most storied shipwreck, or is it the product of some naturally-occurring phenomena?

Jason Asselin of Michigan's Upper Peninsula is the man who captured this unusual sight on film and uploaded it to YouTube. The fact that he has a Facebook page dedicated to "news and video" and an incredibly active YouTube channel casts a little doubt on the authenticity of the video, but here's how he described the circumstances under which the video was shot:

"Saturday evening far off coast from Marquette, Michigan appeared this mysterious ship that had to be gigantic! Almost as if a ghost ship was showing itself to the world.. Even if it was a ship, what could be that tall in these choppy waves?"

Lake Superior has seen its share of sunken ships, most notably the Edmund Fitzgerald. Most everyone from Michigan is familiar with the 1975 shipwreck, which claimed the lives of the entire 29-man crew. Its story was later immortalized by the 1976 Gordon Lightfoot classic hit 'The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald.'

Could this unidentifiable apparition be the return of the sunken vessel? My guess would be no, as the "ghost ship" appears to be much taller than the Fitzgerald would appear from a distance, as you can tell from images of the ship in the video below.

So if it's not the Fitzgerald, what is it? Well, it could be the ghost of another ship, but commenters on Mr. Asselin's Facebook page had a more likely explanation. One person claimed to have also seen the "ghost ship" that day, and explained that it was easily identifiable as an actual, non-ghost ore boat as it got closer. Asselin replied, claiming he "watched it until it was dark," and "it had no lights." You can dig into the thread yourself below.

So who is right? Is it an ore boat or ghost ship? The beauty and fun of mysteries like these are that we'll probably never know... or do we? While there were several others claiming it was an oil rig or some kind of boat, I'm guessing the "ghost ship" is actually Stannard Rock Lighthouse. As you can see below, it's definitely right across the way from Presque Isle Park, which is the location tagged in Asselin's initial post.

Google Maps
Google Maps

Now it is a little far off shore (about 44 miles, according to Wikipedia), but it is 100 feet tall. That sounds like a more plausible explanation than "ghost ship" to me. Plus, look at the shape of this thing in the video above. I think we've solved this mystery... Well, enough for me to feel comfortable saying it definitely not a ghost ship, anyway.


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