Had I been the lucky bastard that won the Powerball jackpot this week, I could have purchased this killer mansion in Northern Michigan for $6.8 Million. Unfortunately, I only won $8 so life remains the same for me.

Michigan Mansion

This 10,437sq ft incredible home is located on Round Lake at 125 Belvedere Ave., in Charlevoix. Once inside you'll find it has five bedrooms, seven bathrooms, four half-baths and a private boathouse that'll leave your jaw on the floor.

According to the listing, The home is laced with rich mahogany while the boathouse is surrounded in cypress finishes and has 22 electrical hoists, pump-out, adjustable docks, workshop, air compressors and freshwater hoses all captured by underwater lighting. The third-floor chart room 9this where I would spend most of my time) is centered by a U-shaped bar and features a professional length shuffle-board table, antique bowling machine, and many other pinball and electronic games.

As you can see in the photos above, the place is freaking amazing and can be yours for $6.8 million.

Look at it this way, if you put down $1,360,000 (20%), your house payment will only be $28,448 a month. I can't even imagine $28,000 coming out of my account every month. If I could afford that, I would just pay the $6 million up front.

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