If you are in the market for a mansion in Michigan and love a fixer-upper, this Battle Creek property is for you. It is definitely fair to say that this mammoth home needs a lot of TLC, which translates to more money that you would have to spend after dropping $799,000 for the mansion as is.

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For just under $800,000 you could own this massive home on over two acres and sitting on Saint Marys Lake. The place is 8480 sq ft, has 9 bedrooms and 13 bathrooms - 6 full baths and 7 half baths. Additional features include the following,

  • Two kitchens
  • Butler's pantry
  • Four car garage
  • Guest house
  • Indoor and outdoor fireplaces
  • Beautiful balconies

The mansion was built in 1938 and even features a food elevator, also known as a 'dumbwaiter'. The Netflix series 'The Watcher' introduced millions of people to what a dumbwaiter is. If you are unfamiliar, a dumbwaiter is a small elevator for carrying things, especially food and dishes, between the floors of a house.

When you tour the home in the gallery below, you will see what TLC really means. Many of the rooms are in need of much repair, from the walls to the floors and ceilings. That being said, some of the rooms appear to be in decent shape - it is truly one extreme to the next in each room.

The home definitely has character and great potential. The real estate listing on Redfin even suggests that a new owner(s) may want to turn the place into a bed & breakfast, executive retreats, event venue, or wedding venue. The possibilities are endless (and so is the work that needs to be done).

That being said, the place really is grand - and just needs the right buyer. Someone with a vision that also has a big bank account.

Enjoy the tour.

For Sale - Michigan Mansion Priced To Move, Needs TLC


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