Two words, Shamrock Shake.

One of McDonald's most popular treats is returning to the menu very soon. But that's not all, the fast food giant is bringing back another favorite ice cream treat too.

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The Shamrock Shake is a fast food favorite, and bonus - we do not have to wait until March to enjoy one. The green mint-flavored treat will be available as soon as next week, but only for a limited time.

McDonald's has been serving Shamrock Shakes since 1970. Fast forward to 2023, and people still look forward to every year. You have not lived until you have dipped  McDonald's french fries into a Shamrock Shake.

The ice cream treat has certainly changed over the years, as you will see in the commercial below from 1980.

Here is everything you need to know about the return of the McDonald's Shamrock Shake and the return of yet another frozen treat.

When can I get a Shamrock Shake in Michigan?

Guests can enjoy a Shamrock Shake beginning on Monday, February 20th at all Michigan McDonald's restaurants.

What else is McDonald's bringing back for a limited time?

Beginning on Monday, February 20th, McDonald's customers can also enjoy an Oreo Shamrock Flurry. This delicious treat was first introduced in 2020 and features crushed Oreos inside of a Shamrock Shake, and whipped cream on top.

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