"Please take it seriously, stay home, do what you have to do." These are the words of a Detroit-area woman who spent several days in the hospital, surviving coronavirus.

Rheamie Crenshaw tells WDIV that she doesn't know where she contracted the disease but theorizes that it was probably when she was out in public.

"I could have caught it just from waiting in the long line at a store when everyone was trying to buy up everything and someone could have just been talking next to me, coughing, sneezing and you don't even know it," she says. "So this is very important to listen, self isolate, and do what you have to do to keep other people alive."

Crenshaw, who is a mother of three, described what she went through during her six-day hospital stay.

“At the very worst part of it, it’s like you are underwater gasping for air and someone is ducking your head,” Crenshaw said. "It feels like you are slowly suffocating while trying to breathe or even talk."

When Crenshaw was released from the hospital, her husband of 17 years was so emotional, he got down on one knee and proposed again. The couple plan to renew their vows later this year.

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