The Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development is warning residents not to buy meat from anyone selling it door-to-door.

Reports indicate that an Indiana meat distributer (Midwest Cattle Exchange) recently relocated to Michigan in an attempt to escape legal quandaries in the Hoosier state, and have since set up an illegal operation in the Grand Rapids area. However, while this company advertises quality products, the majority of the complaints surrounding this organization suggest the cuts have been less than satisfactory.

Fortunately, however, there have been no reports, so far, of anyone getting sick from consuming beef or poultry sold by this organization.

Some of the latest statistics from the Centers for Disease Control shows that 3,000 people die every year from food borne illnesses, so it is best not to take chances purchasing meat for yourself or your family from a fly-by-night operation.

"Although door-to-door meat sales can offer the ease of being able to shop at home, these types of transactions can also provide an opportunity for some bad actors to take advantage of their customers," Department Director Jamie Clover Adams said in a statement. "Consumers should always do their homework before making a purchase, to safeguard their health and their pocketbooks."