Remember being a kid and hearing that all prisoners got to eat was bread and water? Michigan inmates should be so lucky. Just two weeks after a report surfaced over an Aramark employee forcing inmates to eat food that had been gnawed on by rats, the latest news is that the food service provider is serving prisoners cuisine right out of the trash.

Michigan’s Department of Corrections has confirmed that some sort of meat product was tossed in the garbage, fished out and served to inmates at the Saginaw Correctional Facility last October. The food was thrown in the trash before all the inmates had finished eating, so workers pulled the food out of the garbage, rinsed it off and served it to a number of inmates.

There has been a laundry list of serious violations as a result of Aramark’s contract with the Michigan prison system, including sex scandals and maggot infested food. Yet, there does not appear to be any plan by the state to seek out a replacement food service.

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