Upon the recent FCC decision to reduce the rates of phone calls for jails and prisons, the Michigan Department of Corrections has announced plans to follow suit. Reports indicate that the MDC is currently researching a plan to lower the cost of inmate phone calls to see just how it will affect the department’s overall budget.

Last year, over $11 million was generated from inmate phone calls – a revenue source that is said to go into a fund used to provide security updates and counseling services.

However, there is speculation that the department will be able to drop the rates for inmate phone calls and still maintain counseling programs by dipping into another portion of the budget.

Of course, law enforcement agencies do not support any measure to lower rates for jail and prison calls because they are worried that it will put more work on officers in trying to regulate call length. The Michigan’s Sheriff’s Association believes they will have to remove phones from jails if this plan is carried through.

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